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Q: "Why don't you just post your e-mail address?"

A:  Because I'm trying to keep out as much junk mail as possible.

I had remained free of spam until I posted my e-mail address
on a free want ads page kindly provided by another plate

Within a week,  I began receiving all kinds of junk e-mail, several
from "kiddie porn" peddlers. (The irony here is that I work with
a state government agency that investigates and prosecutes this
type of thing; I've just been forwarding them to work. But I still
don't want them at home.)

So far, this has been working. Also, rest assured, your email address
will NOT be added to mailing list; any email address I get will be
used to communicate directly with you and only with you. I would
hope you will return the favor.

Scott Kaiser

Last Updated: 2002 August 2