Damage In Transit! :(

Some people ask me why I insist on (and will fully pay for) shipping plates in a box.
These people probably live in an area that handles its mail very well. I do not. Somewhere
along the route to my house (northwest Indiana), packages are handled very roughly

This is one example:

Mailed from Virginia in December, 1999. The two plates inside were UNDAMAGED
because of the box!!! (This story would have been a lot different if the envelope had
been used.)

Here's another example:

Mailed from Massachusetts, also in December, 1999. This plate was also UNDAMAGED
because of the box

The irony with the above two examples is that the BOX and Envelope both cost $3.20;
there is ZERO difference in price. However, some people are reluctant to use it. (One woman
wanted to charge me $10.00 extra to do this!)

This plate was not so lucky. It was mailed from Poland in February or March, 1999. It was packaged in a layer of
Bubble Wrap surrounded by brown tissue paper and turned up this way in August, 1999:

It was NOT so lucky:

Notice how you can see the Front AND Back of the plate at the SAME TIME:

I know that in the above example that a box would have dramatically increased the postage, but I'm more than willing to pay it.

Last Updated:  2000 April 30